02 December 2011


That awkward moment when you want to start writing but do not know how to start.

AHAH this girl has been having her soul sucked out of her by 9gag lately.

But wait, is that even supposed to be awkward?

Awkward or not I think I should just jot down random things from here and there. My blog misses me. It told me in my dreams, I know.

This happened last weekend, the weekend where I was supposed to be studying for my midterm exams which are happening THIS week. The old me would have never gotten her arse off the chair and eyes off her books. But the current me told the old me to go on and do it, in the name of the final sem. And here’s a pic I stole from FB.


I ran 10km of the KL streets with these guys in 1 hour 17 minutes. Many finished way earlier than me, but heck, I never thought I could run this far. See that tiny girl on the left? That’s Suiee. She and Mister Lee (who’s back in his hometown eating good food and surrounded by family love) were the ones who encouraged me to run. As I ran around uni, Mister Lee would be yelling “DON’T STOP! GO GO GO! BIGGER STEPS!” And thinking back, how time flies. That was almost one year ago.

After the run we all headed home, showered and went for lunch at Umai-Ya Puchong. It was a buffet brunch. We fed ourselves with 30km worth of calories after the 10km run. And I finally settled my cravings for oysters. Not exceptional, but better than nothing. *gratitude!*


It’s a funny thing, the oyster cravings and I. I do not particularly like them. But somehow I missed that rawness, the taste of lemon as you take your first slurp, and then the texture of the oyster in the mouth. Its a big step, from being a Japanese cuisine hating person, to someone who craves oysters. But owh, I still stay away from Unagi.

The past weeks have been those filled with daydreaming of what I will become, whether I will end up getting married, whether I’d like to be an auditor, and if not, what I could do for a living. I figured what I would really want is to take a break and somehow, perhaps, maybe, find myself. So I proceed to thinking how to afford travelling and where I could wander off to. Lynda Lau, Y U No Rich? =\

I have recently reached expert level when it comes to daydreaming about things to eat/cook/bake during lectures.And I have also become a severe case of nocturnal creature. And and and. I brought an oven back with me to Cyberjaya. Suiee and I have been baking. In fact, I just grilled myself a tomato cheese sandwich for dinner and forced ST to eat one too.

And now that I am done procrastinating, I ought to continue studying for my 8pm paper instead of dig my own grave here.


With love,

Pre Wedding Depression no more,

Lynda =)