25 February 2011

Bleeding heart

Headed home, flight got delayed over an hour. Sitting at the LCCT departure hall bench and feeling a sting/cut/stab in the heart.

This is the baggage I brought home with me. Part of it being the bf’s.

IMG_2374 (2)

70kilograms, yo.

The sting the cut and the stab is due to the RM300 that was just handed over to the lady behind the AirAsia counter, despite it not being mine.

Because this donkey refused to listen to me.


You see, there was supposed to be another hand carry luggage, which this donkey stubbornly threw into the cargo, and the AirAsia lady passed onto the conveyor belt, which was impossible to retrieve after it was obvious our baggage was overweight. *i smell conspiracy – she only let us put two luggages on at a time* But still…….

DUH I am thinking of the shoes/handbag/benefit cosmetics that the RM150 we could have easily save could fetch me.

I am not stingy. I am just being a female. A female accountant-to-be.

*grumble grumble grumble* *wipes bleeding heart with tissue paper*

24 February 2011

When I talk to myself

Done with exams! Not quite sure if I managed to throw in a fifth screw, but I guess it doesn’t matter - It ended, like finally!

I’ve been cleaning the room, packing up and getting ready to move back. No, actually, I think the bf did more packing for me than I did for myself, thanks to my sensitive nose and inability to organize my brain when there’s too much to do (ie: too many things to keep). He packed for me when I left Kuching, and now he’s packing for me when I leave Cyberjaya. Teehee. Bliss.

My belongings came up to five boxes and three luggage bags, excluding the corner of things I left in old house courtesy of my housemates. I intended to take a picture to keep in eternal remembrance my embarrassing habit excessive purchasing and inability to live out of a suitcase. I was however too busy sneezing my brains out due to the dust, and by the end of packing, I was have splitting headaches from all that hardcore sneezing.

As usual, I like to divert from the things I intend to say/do – which is why packing is so hard. So here’s what I really intended to write about; the things I say to myself. I wonder if normal people say these things/ask these questions to themselves too. And if they don’t, maybe other weird people won’t feel so weird knowing that they are not alone in this.

On self-image:

1. “Did I gain weight? or is the weighing scale spoilt.” –> and so this is what people call living in denial, or, then again, maybe the weighing scale really IS spoilt. But to be fair, I ask myself the same thing went the needle shows lower than what it should.

2. “Do I look like her?” (because I’ve never found someone who looks like me). And I think the question of “is what I see in the mirror the same as what other people see?” belongs in the same category. This thought has always lingered, ever since my primary school days.

3. “Am I skinnier compared to my secondary days, or did I just stop hating my body and got more comfortable with it.” I secretly think I just got more comfortable (although I’d like to believe otherwise), because I don’t feel like beating myself up anymore when I don’t sweat every two days or when I over indulge in good food – which I’m not sure whether is a good or bad thing.

In the exam halls:

4. “I wonder if it'd be alright if I asked the invigilator what this question meant.” (but for the record I hardly ever do that)

5. Following no.4 – “would that be cheating?”

6. And, when I do ask, and get no answer… “Is there some secret technique for people to ask the invigilator things? Why' is the invigilator saying so much to them but not me huh.”

On shopping:

7. “Don’t aim to buy a particular thing, because when you do, you’ll never get it.” –> this is odd, but true. And I have yet to discover why. I tend to fall in love when I don’t plan to – which is dangerous because it sometimes involves spending out of the budget, but yet thrilling, because you feel so darn lucky to have stumbled upon something so nice.

8. “I am not going to buy anymore shoes.”

9. “I think I should buy this pair of shoes. Shoe shopping is impossible in Kuching. Plus when I really need shoes, they’re impossible to find.” (refer to 7)

10. “It’s so hard to find flats/ pumps/ bags/ pants/ formal shirts that are nice/ fit properly. I should get this, in case I need it someday.”

11. “Depreciate it !” ……*count count count*……….. “Okay, buy.”

Other random quirky things:

12. “If my zipper down?” *tries to awkwardly look down hoping no one notices*

13. When in planes and a baby starts wailing “They should have a soundproof section in the plane and put all the babies in there.” Sorry, I’m not a big fan of noisy kids. I only like them when they’re quiet, sweet, and polite.

14. When I see people abusing animals, I usually think of reversing it, with the animal doing the same to them. And it also usually involves “I want to skin the fella, hang him upside down and sprinkle salt on him and tie him to a rambutan tree infested with ants.” This saying I took from my mother.

15. “Am I normal?”

17 February 2011

Four Screws

Two more freakin days before I am set free from misery.

So far, I’ve sat for four papers, and I think I managed to do this:

four screws

The fifth one coming up on the 18th noon. *prays very hard, and tries to work equally hard*

A friend used to say, “All the best, because luck is for losers”. But if anyone were to wish me luck, well I’m not going to complain. Anything goes.

14 February 2011

Auntie, to answer your question:

He lied to you.

You asked him, he said.

And so he answered, I heard.

And now here’s from me:

He took it off because I took it off.

And I took it off because he lied.

And he lied because she hugged him.

She hugged him because that’s what they all do.

And they do what they do to find money.

And they find money to build a future and provide for the family.


Tweezers please, thorn to rid. But I haven’t figured out how.


Happy Valentine’s. Lol

11 February 2011

When you don’t do laundry…

I saw a strand or two of Bullet’s fur on my pair of jeans. Must have caught when she rubbed against me before i left for the airport and stuck on ever since.


I miss that bitch.

Supermodel canine

09 February 2011

The hair thing

UHHHHHH I need to write. i can only keep my fingers away for THAT long. I was telling myself to stay away and study for finals, which is starting day after tomorrow (yeah, fingers chose the perfect time to retaliate and force me to waste time, so im typing at lightning speed). SO, im gonna make this short and quick.

Anyway, yeah, i got myself some new hair. I wanted curls, loose curls, sexy waves. Lose sexy GREEN waves. Shirlene laughed at me and claimed i was going through some ‘phase’. for the record, I think i still am. Went to Spingky Salon in Jalan Song, and got Anthony to do my hair.


My friends came all the way down to gimme some moral support and lend me some courage. A change of hairstyle can be pretty nerve-wrecking – my hair means a lot to me. Jen got herself a haircut.

I brought pictures of Blake Lively and Kate Hudson’s hair with me to the salon, and a picture of a girl with green hair (that Suiee stole off Facebook for me). My stylist looked and nodded his head, and i sat there from 2pm to 8.30pm. *rubs ass from pain* The hair didn’t end up a visible green in the end. the colour my stylist mixed for me, it was more of a brown, but i loved loved loved it!

Finally, finally finally. i think i found a stylist who understands me – something i’ve always wanted since like uhm…14? (together with the green hair but i wasn’t possible because i was still in secondary school). looking for a suitable stylist is never easy.

I think the utmost importance about selecting a hair stylist is ‘feel’. i like to first observe my hairstylist. dress up and attitude counts. obviously, if you’re not an ah lian, then an ah beng hairstylist isn’t going to give you results you want. *thinks back of disaster hair do at Cutting Edge CRINGE*

When attempting something more than a trim, bring pictures. ALWAYS BRING PICTURES. Words suck when used to describe hair.

And never be afraid to ask questions/argue and go back if you feel that anything is wrong. *thinks about Cutting Edge and cringes again* Since this was my first time curling my hair, i had no idea about curling and stuff. SO, my hair started to turn into the natural waves i sometimes have after like 1.5 hours from leaving the salon. i freaked out and went back the next morning. owh and they were so patient with my noob-ness and blew my hair back and whalla!, curls were there. and with that, i learnt that with some water and styling cream, my ‘straighter’ hair will spring back to loose curls *blush*

In the process i actually forgot to tell my stylist that i’ve dyed my hair black before. but awwwwww he was patient enough to try colouring like one small lock of my hair to see if my new colour would go in (because if not i would have to spend RM120 on pre lightening). My hair was a darling angel though, the colour successfully went in. there, saved me RM120. I think most people would have just insisted i do the pre-lightening and im so grateful my stylist did not =D

I think i just became a loyal customer of Anthony’s from Spingky Salon *fingers crossed*