25 February 2011

Bleeding heart

Headed home, flight got delayed over an hour. Sitting at the LCCT departure hall bench and feeling a sting/cut/stab in the heart.

This is the baggage I brought home with me. Part of it being the bf’s.

IMG_2374 (2)

70kilograms, yo.

The sting the cut and the stab is due to the RM300 that was just handed over to the lady behind the AirAsia counter, despite it not being mine.

Because this donkey refused to listen to me.


You see, there was supposed to be another hand carry luggage, which this donkey stubbornly threw into the cargo, and the AirAsia lady passed onto the conveyor belt, which was impossible to retrieve after it was obvious our baggage was overweight. *i smell conspiracy – she only let us put two luggages on at a time* But still…….

DUH I am thinking of the shoes/handbag/benefit cosmetics that the RM150 we could have easily save could fetch me.

I am not stingy. I am just being a female. A female accountant-to-be.

*grumble grumble grumble* *wipes bleeding heart with tissue paper*


estelle said...

ouch rm 300! it's OKAY you're not going to need airasia for very very long ;)


Lynda lau said...

they used to charge rm15/kg. now it's rm30. sigh! but slept over it, my heart healed. lol.

i will miss you toooooo! no one to invade my room/ngi ngi ngo ngo me and force me to eat dy =( take care okays

julian said...

but the wallet is not gonna heal till the first pay aint it :P

all the best over there. come back find me with ur first pay ya :P

Jen said...

ouchhhhhhh.. that's enough money for another hair perm. damn donkey