17 December 2009

Blog ain't dead yet

I will not let this blog die yet. Repeat to self 100 times, “I am not going to let this blog die”, especially after just pathetically writing two posts.
There actually aren’t many things to write about now because I am this university student that is shy, *blush* and very much an introvert with a not-very-happening-life. And since I do not have a very happening life and do not go out or meet many people, everything here comes from the things that swim around in my head. It started off with a few quirky thoughts, and then somehow they started breeding like rabbits.
However, exams came my way, and my head has lately been packed with all things E-Commerce that I cannot understand or remember, Public Sector Accounting that threatens to put me to sleep, and worries about Human Resource which I have not started. The rabbits started dying. It should however, be over by Christmas. I cannot wait.
Repeat to self another 100 times, “I will not let this blog die yet”.

12 December 2009

Edward Cullen - Not a celeb-worshipping post

This is insane; I just have to procrastinate and get this out of my head before I can study.
The Meadow by Alexandre Desplat had been repeating, repeating, and repeating all day in my room. It’s one of the songs from New Moon. Upon listening I feel myself being transported back to that part where he said “marry me” and my heart swooned while my eyes gazed with admiration as the tune played on.
I would like to stress that this is NOT a Robert Pattinson worship place and I am NOT one of those girls that secretly wishes he was in love with her or cuts out pictures and stares at posters of him. I do not go gaga over celebs, that isn’t me at all, and I have not had a celebrity crush since Leonardo DiCaprio. But right now, I can’t get Edward Cullen out of my head !!!
When girls started yelping about his cuteness after watching Twilight, I didn’t get them. I Googled for images of Robert Pattinson and I didn’t know what they saw in the man. He was a pale, junkie-looking English man with a funny nose, like how this picture would look like to someone who didn't watch New Moon: (please ignore the abs, that's not really my point now)
My whole perception changed after I finally watched Twilight like ten thousand years after its release with Suiee. I went “uuuuuhhhhhhh” and “awwwwwwwww” and “oooohhhhhh”. I couldn’t stand on my feet with THAT amount of danger, heroism and mysteriousness in a guy *swoon*. Then I went on to watch New Moon shortly after and the effects of Edward Cullen are existing until today – that serious, cold, yet protective face and deep-set eyes. Owh,*double swoon* (although Jacob Black has an awesome smile).
I guess a girl needs to watch the movie to love the guy. As for me, it’s not over Robert Pattinson that my wits left me, it’s Edward Cullen. That, I am absolutely sure. Twilight and New Moon-hating people are either jealous men, people who have not watched the movie or girls that take it personally that R-Patz aren’t that into them.
I’ve come to a conclusion that when teenage girls lose their minds over young cute celebs, it’s not because of the celebs, but more of the roles they portray in the Movie or the mushy-touchy lyrics of the songs they sing. The way Jack in Titanic was so bad-boy and heroic, and the way Edward Cullen is mysterious, cold and supposedly evil vampire, yet bursting with love for the heroin. Did i mention mysterious? I dig mysterious. Owh help me....

11 December 2009

I am so predictable

I knew it. I knew this was going to happen and I knew exactly when.

I know myself too well. The final exams are coming up in less than two weeks, and I knew that it is exactly when this blog is going to be created. This is all part of the procrastination process. The process I have to undergo every time I try to kick-start the study mode.

I also started this partially because I know I have two definite stalkers. ST, you said you would want to read what I write, so don’t u dare pull back on your words now that I’ve wasted a whole day looking for a favourite template and days before contemplating about a blog. Suiee, you’re responsible too because you asked me why I didn’t start writing. So here I am. =P