17 December 2009

Blog ain't dead yet

I will not let this blog die yet. Repeat to self 100 times, “I am not going to let this blog die”, especially after just pathetically writing two posts.
There actually aren’t many things to write about now because I am this university student that is shy, *blush* and very much an introvert with a not-very-happening-life. And since I do not have a very happening life and do not go out or meet many people, everything here comes from the things that swim around in my head. It started off with a few quirky thoughts, and then somehow they started breeding like rabbits.
However, exams came my way, and my head has lately been packed with all things E-Commerce that I cannot understand or remember, Public Sector Accounting that threatens to put me to sleep, and worries about Human Resource which I have not started. The rabbits started dying. It should however, be over by Christmas. I cannot wait.
Repeat to self another 100 times, “I will not let this blog die yet”.


estelle said...

This blog will not die yet because you still have exams. HAHA.

Shirlene Frances said...

my dearest bestie!!!! ur flirtatious sista's here!!! I'M HERE!!! well... if u run out of things to bog to procrastinate... u can always blog about the cheeky sistas... it's about time one of us bring the cheeky girls to life... lol

Lynda lau said...

awwwwwwwwwwww. im flattered for your confidence in me st!!
and lene, yeah, maybe i should try writing about that.i miss you girls!!!!!