07 January 2010

Blog's alive, but i am almost dead

I think I am cursed. Perhaps, by the dozens of mosquitoes I have been killing. Or the puppy I have been whacking, for pooping/peeing in the house, chewing on shoes and taking over the paper shredder role upon seeing newspapers.
I think I am cursed. Because again, and again, I have ‘gotten it’ for things that I was innocent as a I don’t know, 7 year old child when it comes to talking about sex?
First occasion, I was at the furniture shop shopping for bedroom furniture. Mom called, furious. She yelled, Angel (the puppy) escaped from the cage when no one was home and did it all, big and small in the bedroom. I came back immediately. Doors were banging, pails were slamming, and my angry mother was scrubbing the floor and yelling at me to get out of the way when I offered to do it. Tension was rocketing. The puppy did it, I got it.
Second. It was in the car. Dad wanted to search for some number in the hand phone. He was driving. He gave it to me. I tried to unlock the bloody device, but the screen remained blank. I asked him how, and he brawled at my stupidity for not knowing how to unlock a simple Nokia. After a few attempts, he snatched it from me, and tried himself, with the same outcome. Then he yelled at the top of his lungs “WHY YOU GO AND SWITCH OFF THE PHONE?!!!!!!!!!”. The stupid Nokia went haywire, I got it.
Third. This one, is the smelliest one of all the crap I got. A FRIEND (note: FRIEND!), on MSN, called me ‘Darling’. The bf saw it. Every bloody thing was so freakin coincidental, it was as if someone, somewhere plotted the whole freakin thing to get me screwed. It’s almost 24 hours, and I’m still getting the cold shoulder and baseless accusations stuffed down my throat. Awesome. I got it again.
Fourth. We were in the car. Dad was asking to check-in early for his flight the next day. Mom suggested he could do it online. Suddenly, he raised his voice, and accused us for being stuck up and show-offs because WE knew how to use the internet and ‘a little bit a little bit also internet here internet there’.  Like…. Wtf? And by the way, I was silent the whole time. See, mom spoke, I got it too.
I truly believe I am cursed. What the heck, is this going to go another round, being mom and the bf’s turn again afterwards? Heck, it is possible to get into trouble just by doing nothing.
Now excuse me, I am freakin hungry and all alone. I shall cook me Maggi Mee and take off to another world afterwards baking my Tres Leches cake.

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estelle said...

poooooor Lynda. It's okay, they are going to miss you when you're back in Cyber. *smilessss*