27 January 2010

l o v e ?

Some say
that love is a roller coaster ride.
Some say
Love like a full moon,
shines through the darkest night.
They say
that love is blind.
They say
that love takes time.

I say that love
Should come hand in hand with trust.
For it tones down insecurities,
and calms the other from imagined lust.
I say that love
should be treated with patience.
Because two can never be one,
it appreciates and rejoices in difference.

Love was never that simple,
How could it be,
Emotions are difficult to handle.
They suffocated love with jealousy,
And shackled freedom to the ground.
Closed in a case with no sunshine,
The prettiest flower it wilts without a sound.

I think love
is a biased roller coaster.
The exciting drop
where you squeal in delight
lasts a split second.
While the climb up
Full of agitated expectations,
insecurities, fear and a moment’s regret
Takes forever.

Love is not free
For it comes with a set of rules.
It doesn’t die a natural death,
It dies because of fools.

Yet who am I,
to make claims about love
When I myself am still pondering
Of the way things happen,
and how they do not solve.

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