23 February 2010

Traditional marriage

I came across this in a book I was reading, couldn’t agree more.
… ever since she was a little girl, she’d instinctually been repulsed by the idea of a ‘traditional marriage’. She wondered why the rest of the world was not disgusted by a woman’s obviously cynical exchange of sex, housework, and child-raising for a roof over her head and food on her table. The fact was, the only way you could find true love was if you didn’t need financial support from a man, otherwise, you made compromises and concession; you had sex with a man you didn’t find genuinely attractive. You could convince yourself that it was okay, but really, it was all nothing more than an acceptable form of prostitution.
Maybe, by being financially able myself and not needing to depend on anyone, I would stop being such a skeptic when it comes to marriage. But then again, it would pop the egos of our asian men if their wives were that financially well off, especially if they earned less, would it?
I feel that marriage was built on the very idea of this ‘traditional marriage’. Owh, it did evolve from the olden days (sometime where Chinese emperors existed and china men carried swords?) where marriage was solely a license for a man and woman to have sex ‘legally’. Today, where pre-marital sex is ever so popular, this is what marriage has turned into.
Men and women believe in true love and happily ever afters that they see on TV. It is undeniable that in every single one of our hearts he hope and pray and yearn for that day to come for that special other half to come and steal our hearts away. However, somehow I’ve come to the conclusion that all these romantic stories that sweep us off our feet are so very rare; which is why they were documented and filmed in the very first place. Hence, probability of happening – very small. It isn’t the most sensible answer, but it is a reasonable explanation, isn’t it?
i do believe in the possibility of love and the warmth and excitement. But then comes marriage and money and expectations and property and responsibility and kids and lust and all the other talking human beings that should shut the heck up. It makes marriage impossible.

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