26 April 2010

Drama queens

Yes I notice you, yes I do.
When you giggle like a bimbo,
And attempt to speak English like a pro.

Yes I hear you, yes I do.
When you blast the latest tunes,
And croak to them s’if choking in fumes.

Yes I see you, yes I do.
When you use without asking,
And leave it after dirtying.

And yes I feel you, yes I do.
When u’ve this urge to climb that social ladder,
And your need to look hotter.

But no, I don’t get you, I really don’t.
Where’s the filming, when’s it airing?
I’m getting a different message.
For what’s there left for watching,
When I’ve a ticket to backstage.

All day long you practice your script,
To stir up envy, for the world to seek.
I wish I too, could be audience,
But it’s too bad, u’ve given me a sneak peek.

But we owe you, I guess we do.
Thank you for boosting her confidence,
Thank you for inspiring me.
I guess it’s a test of patience,
And a mirror to what we should not be.


estelle said...

she's annoying your again harrr??? poor thing, use earphones if you can study better than listening to her croaking.

yes, boost of confidence!!! wahahhaa! god is fair! =)

Lynda lau said...

ehehe, no lar. suddenly felt the inspiration coming. had an awesome subject to write about after all =p

Anonymous said...

u think your fucking english pro as well?

Lynda lau said...

i'm not sure which part of all this made u think i thought so, but since u asked, i think my english is fucking awesome, at the very least, relatively ;)