19 April 2011

Lunch box idea #2

This is another something I came up with. Something not too heavy so I do not doze off, not too full of sauce so I can dump it all into one container and not too oily so I don’t feel bad later =P


I boiled the potato the night before. It was the next morning that I decided to throw them into the pan with the Japanese tofu for a light sear using olive oil – didn’t feel like eating them too bland. Sprinkled parsley, salt and lots of pepper on em. Did the same to the Japanese tofu. Put them into the pan before my shower and by the time I was done so were they.

The french beans were lightly cooked. I don’t like mushy beans. Gave everything a nice crunch.

The tomatoes were like the desserts. Ate them raw. Raw is healthier, I guess? And also less work. Tee hee. But make sure they’re clean. I soaked them overnight.

Owh and by the way, THIS is ROU JIANG…


which to bananas like me, translates to..


“pork mince with bean paste”…

or should it be '”minced pork with bean paste” ? Anyway, it tastes awesome and is even awesomer to spice up food for lazy bones like me =D


julian said...

can food not healthy no?

Lynda lau said...

nvm la everything else healthy. so that one insignificant. hehe

estelle said...

woi i miss your food. ='(

Lynda lau said...

aww estee i miss cooking for you!