28 January 2012

How did it come to this

Here’s a little something I found, written back when I was in Sematan doing my National Service. It makes me laugh at my lack of abilities to compose poetry that sound like I exceed 12 years of age. Not implying that things are any different now.

But geeee, that innocence, priceless.


When I looked up at the sky last night,

I saw stars that twinkled bright.

I wished you were here by me to teach,

The shapes and names of each.


You pointed to me, clusters of the Dipper.

The Belt of Orion, the three stars together.

Each time spotted, I’d excitedly say,

Look, the stars are there!


Now at camp I slowly look back.

To think of it, it’s kind of sad.

I’m looking up at stars alone,

Further and further goes our bond.


Now with time I slowly look,

I know at times I have not been good.

I hope to make it up someday,

Rediscover love we used to share.


Through thick and thin I’ll be by your side,

Count on us, we won’t run and hide.

Open up and rest in our comfort,

So none of us will hurt.

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