23 March 2010

i need to complain

I was listening to a song by Lenka, Live Like You’re Dying. 

Well basically the message is about appreciating life and not putting it to waste, because people who know they are going to die will live each day to the fullest. However, sloughing through these two weeks having midterms after midterms and assignments after assignments (although I basically stay blur the whole journey, but a sense of guilt eats up a lot of energy too) is so not living to the fullest is it? If I ever were to die soon, I won’t touch any of these things with a 10 feet pole. Well, this is metaphorically.

Now literally, I think I’m living up to the song title. I’m really living like I’m dying. I AM dying. Accountancy eats away my life. I haven’t slept early for God knows how long. That means lost youth and a bad liver. I lack sleep. That means bad complexion and dark eye circles. I drink coffee to stay awake. It makes my teeth yellow. It makes me feel guilty for procrastinating, which it makes my heart go pitter patter all day long – I might get a heart attack. I worry, I get scared, I get pressured, I have nightmares of going to exams and forgetting to study this chapter or that. This is so not the quality of life a human being should have. It ruins me, physically and emotionally. 

I wish someone could tell us for sure if the world is coming to an end in 2012. Studying how to analyze financial statements and evade tax would be pointless then, and I can go on with my jolly life before we all die.

I am sorry for putting you on queue to enter my brain dear effin Financial Statement Analysis. I need this. It’s therapy. And a dying person gets to have therapy.

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