30 March 2010

Life is beautiful when you eat the right things

The past two weeks were insane and right after I was done with the last of the insane week – the horrific Financial Statement Analysis, which was subsequent to the even more horrific tax paper; I had this long list of stuff I planned on doing. A lot of it involved food, sorry, can’t be helped.

Suiee fed me well. It was a heavenly breakaway from the fortnight of Gardenia diet.

Now that I get a breather, I actually sat back to ponder and think that life is somehow rather beautiful. And here is my list of life’s little pleasures, in no particular order and according to current memory:

1. Getting to instantly eat something when you start craving for it.
2. Egg tarts, either Tong Kee’s of India Street’s
3. ICE CREAM! Doesn’t the cold sensation and the feel of licking it off make you happeeee?
4. Grocery shopping?
5. IKEA. IKEA excites me more than clothes do. Owh, they have great ice cream too.
6. Eating peanut butter off a spoon
7. The smell of vanilla
8. The aroma of apples and cinnamon in the oven
9. Coffee when it’s made perfectly
10. A good solitary swim
11. Hot peppery stew with lots of parsley on a cold, rainy day
12. Good music
13. Tengok drama sambil makan
14. Dark chocolate
15. Crackers dipped in hot coffee

And owh, speaking of little pleasures, I rewarded myself with these over the weekend =)

Parsley, heaps of parsley

Yeah i know St Pat's is long over but i had this can of Guinness in the fridge so i poured it over the beef.

Then... Apples and Cinnamon came out of the oven

And i topped it all up by eating this off the spoon =D 

Ahhh, life is simply beautiful. bahahaha

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