06 May 2010

Thoughts from Pre Audit


No, no, this time i’m not procrastinating. in fact, i do realize the urgency of getting my last minute audit revision done before i sit for exam at 9am later. i’ve been itching to write, with a gazillion things going through my head.i shall make this a quickie.

first, i’ve been so overwhelmed by exams, that i did not realize that i’m like 11 FREAKIN DAYS to home, to Bullet, to Hero and the should-have-been-there Rifle that i was looking forward to. about that next time, and perhaps a theory about how money makes the world go round, and building the perception of people towards pets, specifically, canines, maybe?

secondly, i think exams, studying, aren’t really everything. i mean, if i really failed at studying, say i couldn’t graduate, i could always go home and learn to cook chicken rice huh? what really is the point when you’re supposed to memorize everything, when in the actual fact, you’d actually have books to refer to when you come out to work? and, besides, from what i hear people that come from the outside of my tempurug katak say, working is a completely different thing. really, students should just pay tuition fees in order to come out and experience life and grow up and have fun before they proceed to live a dog’s life in the working world. i mean, studying, it’s not entirely fun fun fun-you do learn things. i learnt not to leave my cups soaking in the sink since i came over the south china sea. and i now understand how it has annoyed the heck outta my mother.

and thirdly, suiee told me that sleeping with my phone beside me is bad. radiation, something like that. kills brain cells? cancerous? something like that i assume. so here’s a sadistic thought. if i put my lappie on top of a food container i recently saw ants crawling on, would i get to kill those annoying creatures? or maybe cause them to crawl around with a bulbous cancerous head? sorry, so much for the love of animals.but then again, they’re insects. =P

okay, quickie done and spirits lifted, now back to auditing.

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