28 June 2010

The Loudmouth

It feels a little odd, because yesterday night, my room was still a little squeezy from two people living in it. Yesterday night, I was sleeping on the floor while mum slept on my bed. Tonight my room feels empty because she flew back home this evening. The kitchen is kind of quiet because there’s no one cutting fruits in there, and the clothes-hanging thingy is off duty, because while she was here, she would wash a ton of clothes at a time and I’d complain there wasn’t enough space to hang them as I put them out to dry. Gosh I miss mummy.
I sent her off at LCCT today because I was worried she wouldn’t manage all that luggage on her own. I wanted so bad to board that plane home too, going to LCCT for the first time, without luggage and not boarding a flight feels odd. I took the KLIA transit back and had someone step on my nerves on my way back. It was a man that was in his late 30s or early 40s and his wife sitting behind me. They were probably going on a vacation and his wife’s parents were sitting on the other side of the shuttle bus from LCCT to KLIA.
He pissed me off because of the way he spoke; typical loud mouth and a brain that is barely there and yet without a filter. He was outright rude his mother-in-law, in front of his wife and the whole freakin bus. All she wanted was a meal and a short break in KLIA and he was yappin away and telling her they were in a rush. He spoke with sarcasm about his mother-in-law to his wife. The whole journey he was complaining about the poor woman, along with Air Asia and Tune Hotel, without even making an effort to hide what he was saying from her. Along the way, he even told her to shut up, sort of, when she opened her mouth. When she spoke (I think it wasn’t even to him, but to her husband) he told her to keep quiet if he didn’t know, said something like “people say you also say. Don’t know then don’t simply say lar, later get laughed at.” Yeah, convert that to Cantonese and make it sound 15 times harsher, that’s exactly how it sounded. Apparently, smartypants knew everything he was talking about. I guess the only thing he didn’t know was that he didn’t sound very clever either.
I was angry at him, but I was angrier at his wife. I was angry at how she let him bully her parents and not say a word. I was pretty sure this was not at all the idea of a holiday for the elderly couple – a trip with their disrespectful, loudmouthed son-in-law. Perhaps, they were the ones paying for the holiday and the two ungrateful bums were only tagging along. I’d refuse to marry such a man. I’d have boarded the flight with my parents without him. But owh well, I am pretty sure karma would run its course and bite that bastard hard in his arse and stick a durian up his asshole.
However, above all, I did learn a lesson today. Humility is indeed important, because no matter how awesome you think you are, there is bound to be someone more awesome than you are. The loudmouth today must’ve thought he was smart, complaining about anything and everything, and taking about things as if he knew everything. But I was pretty sure that at least half the people in the bus who understood Cantonese were laughing at him. Either that, or they wanted to tell him off for the way he treated and elderly woman.
And now, off I go to bed. Entering Week 4 of the academic year, and I haven’t really had time to waste. I’ve been playing pretty hard since the exams ended, and coming back to uni hasn’t stopped me. However, if Week 1 to 3 was a sentence, I guess Week 4 is a comma, that is, until the bf comes over.

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