02 October 2010

Can do today then don't do tomorrow!

Okay, so I take back what I said. Apparently, the not so conscious part of my brain had not been calculating correcting. The only thing it gave me was false optimism.

Only when I started revisions the night before exam did I start hyperventilating and panicking. I was not able to remember things I studied beforehand and if not for the highlighter marks I left on those notes, I would never remember having read them.

I was so scared, that even the mere 30 minutes I had to sleep, I lied in bed hearing my own heart thumping away, conscious.

Therefore I change my mind. When I may have said that procrastination may be somehow good, I now think that it isn’t a good idea at all. All that anxiety, stress, frustration, immense fear, ‘lostness’, guilt and regret was horrible.

However, however… Today is a new day. Exams are over. Holidays are kicking in. And I am a free spirit. Well, a free spirit with heaps to do once she gets home. =P

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