26 March 2011

What do the ladies prefer?

Hello world, today is the awesomest day of the week, and on this awesomest day, I came across this - “What do ladies prefer to hear from their husbands?”.

1. The truth and nothing but the truth

2. Lies and nothing but lies

3. Hide whatever you do not like and tell you only things that you like to hear.

I think I have a lot to say about this and Facebook does not give enough comment space. Furthermore, it was not from my account (Yes, I stalk the bf).

You see, #2 is obviously a no brainer. Which lady would want to hear all lies, and nothing but lies. Unless she’s actually a croaking toad who doesn’t know how to cook and is living in denial and needs convincing that she is actually a beautiful human being who sings like angels and cooks awesome meals,by a human husband whom she fell in love with and forced to marry her.

The debate now stands between #1 and #3. At the first instance, I am sure many would go for option #1. Honesty is after all the best policy, no?

Then you start to think a little harder, and you start to feel that #3 makes a better choice. Why put yourself through the unnecessary squabbles when you can be happy and lovey dovey, as long as you are capable of keeping your mouth shut at the right time. “when you have nothing nice to say, keep quiet”.

This however would be my answer: I do not know, because I am not married. But if I were, I would want the truth, put into words that are less hurtful to the ear. Tell me I gained weight – it helps me to realise when it’s time i started working out and eating right. Tell me the dress doesn’t look good – it’d save me money not buying it. Tell me I’m doing things wrong, its helps me figure how to do it right. Tell me that you spoke to another girl, it tells me you have nothing to hide. Tell me where you are going and with whom, it tells me I shouldn’t worry, and where to find you incase of anything. Tell me you cheated on me. I might forgive you. And if you know I won’t, what’s the point in keeping me by not telling me?So unless you’re positive that you can only let me hear the things I want to hear for the rest of my life, go ahead and hide the things I don’t want to hear.

Tell me, because I believe I am stronger than you think when it comes to hearing things I don’t like. Lie and keep the peace, but if I do find out, a lot of things will change, because trust is the pillar of the relationship and you’re weakening its foundation..

Cheat me once, shame on you. Twice, and the shame is on me.

On a lighter note, ST said this about me: “Food and you, inseparable”

Hence I found a meaning to the word ‘Grateful’. Grateful is when I should thank God that I am as meaty/fleshy/chubby as I am now, rather than like a fishball with toothpicks for limbs.


I miss this. Sticky date pudding from Frames, Sunway Pyramid. Uh…and also the two aunties behind it.


julian said...

"confess that you cheat and i might forgive u?"

Does that really work?

Lynda lau said...

lol yes. you'll have a better shot compared to when i find out myself

julian said...

better shot but the chances of winning lottery is higher rite?

Lynda lau said...

i am obliged to say "yes", as a girl, to help lower the chances of you guys cheating on our species =p