27 December 2010

I had a myself a merry little Christmas

Hello world.

The accounting nerd here has just finished 5 midterm papers in two weeks. It is Monday again, and it is an inexplicably good feeling to watch Monday blues consuming everyone, because my Mondays are class-free. *grins*

Christmas has just passed. I guess that makes the Monday after it bluer. I was about to go to bed when I remembered that I have neglected this place for a while.

I love Christmas. The songs, the shopping, the decoration put up in malls, the glitter, the lights, the gifts, the trees, the colours. I guess that’s why I like cinnamon, because cinnamon smells like Christmas. Hence, the reason why I like Starbucks, because Starbucks smells like cinnamon, and they have a whole bottle of it for me to generously shake into my Caramel Frappucino. Caramel, cinnamon and coffee – three of my favourite. Ahhh, bliss.

Uh, okay. Back to Christmas.

This year’s celebration was different for me. It involved being with people, in a place I did not live in. My first year in university, Christmas involved watching Christmas movies in the hostel and bursting into tears when I heard people caroling because I wanted to go home so badly. My second year, I stayed home determined to make the perfect egg tart (but failed and is still failing) and apple muffins to bring home on my flight the next day. And now, my third Christmas here, surprisingly, involves interaction with other human beings, and food being served to me, and forking out money for the bill.

I am honestly surprised I managed all that mingling and eating. *proud* lol. Socializing has never been my forte.


We went to TGIF. I ate crusty Tennessee Chicken. Refilled many rounds of carbonated drinks. Got slaughtered, because the standard dropped to sub par (I guess that happens everywhere – an increase in diners but the same amount of eating places, hence a drop in quality and increase in price?). Exchanged gifts. Then took a stroll outside in fear, afraid that random people would spray nasty things at us. Food was average, and so was the atmosphere, but the people were great, and that alone was enough to make everything good =)

Now I guess I’ll have to start counting again until the next Christmas, and look forward to New Year. New Year resolutions? I’m not really a believer, but we shall see.

Btw, Happy Birthday Jesus.



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julian said...

aww. lynda y dont u call during ur early year. nobody should be sad during christmas.