17 December 2010

Iron woman comin thru

Today st called me ‘iron woman’. I thought, “really?”

Iron woman or not, I could only have been one because someone dug me out from the grounds underneath. I would never have pulled through without the both of you.

Thank you for being there. :)


PS: I learnt that the song 伴 is a bloody joke despite feeling very much like an idiot lately. Talk about lifelong learning. Hah


estelle said...

I love the picture. And you are super super strong. Call me if you need anything.

You were there for me too darling. =') I know how you feel.

Remember we're gorgeous, smart and lovely. We're the SUPERSTAR! bwahahaha

Lynda lau said...

yes, repeats to self "gorgeous smart lovely gorgeous smart lovely gorgeous smart lovely"

*hugs* =)