24 May 2011

I want my 10sen flight ticket, please?

Air Asia, oh Air Asia.

Low cost carrier of Malaysia.

You made me so want to go to Australia.

Hati melompat, gembira sungguh beria-ia.


10sen sale hangat-hangat.

Nak pergi vacation teramat-amat.

But 10sen tickets it broke my heart.

Wanted to buy but no such luck.


I have never felt so desperate.

Waiting in hunger and stinky office wear.

Over your sale I was worried and afraid.

fingers crossed I pray and pray.


Frustrated and worried, excited yet sad.

Your promotion memang masa perfect.

Dahla 10sen, just nice I pun graduate.

But in the end, become very pek chek.


Waiting room again and again.

Key in guest info, error pula dia komen.

Hey my mom is waiting for that honeyoon.

I’ve been agitated since this afternoon.


Air Asia, ah Air Asia.

Low cost carrier of Malaysia.

Everyone fly, I want to fly too.

Don’t want to graduate and still be sua ku.


With Love,

Very sad, pek chek and confused vacation planner,



**5 minutes later i get less excited and look properly, and realise than 10sen fare did not include Aussie after all. FML


Miko said...

Kesian betul...*pats head*

julian said...

love the rhyme :)