19 June 2011

If I had another workless day

If I had another workless day, I’d be happier than words can say.

I would clean that room and put that 3-month old baggage away. I would sort out my bags instead of go out to play.

I would clear all outstanding laundry and iron all my clothes. I’d change my bed sheets, maybe slap a mask on my nose.

If only tomorrow was again a Sunday, I promise I won’t play Angry Birds all day.

I would cut my nails neatly, perhaps paint them red. I would treatment my hair so they don’t look so dead.

I would fill up my log book with the intern work I did. And maybe even print it out for my senior to read.

But Alas! I checked the calendar, and guess what I found? Not till August are public holidays coming around!

Hence, I guess I’ve got to be good. Do not what I like, but do what I should. Monday blues need to go away, the weekends are over work’s here to stay!

Perhaps…. on another day?

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