07 September 2011

“Friend” and Buttercream Frosting

Hello blog, I am back and inspired.

The six months internship has ended. And it seemed like yesterday was the last Friday of my internship engagement, and on that day, I told myself, I am going to do my reports tonight (but ended up being dragged out and sat very unhappily throughout the night because I could not go home). And here I am today, almost two weeks since last finished work, with my report still incomplete.

It was sad, because I was obligated to fill my head with my report, and nothing else but my report. I shut out my friends, my love for playing in the kitchen and daydreaming crazy random thoughts. But self-control can only go that far. After all, there is still the internet, the fake life it provides and the endless ways of procrastination that come with it.

Anyway, today, a crazy random thought came to me – uses of this noun, “FRIEND”. What exactly does it mean, how far does it go? It is pretty much undefined. I googled for a definition and it more or less sounds like this to me: A person whom one knows, likes, and trusts, and acquaintance or a person whom one is allied in a struggle or cause.

Uhm…. That’s like… anybody?

So well, I suppose this is why this word has many, many, many uses. And below, are a among the few that are not very right.

Scenario 1: Random girl, big fan of Keeping up with the Kardashians walks up to Kim Kardashian and says “OWH HIEEEE, I love you and your show! And I’ve read everything there is to read about you so I feel like I really know you and that we have such a great connection. Besides, I’ve been to every single one of your public appearances and I think you’re awesome. Plus, I have a friend, whose friend, whose friend’s friend is your friend too. That makes us friends too right? Owh by the way I haven’t gotten that invite to your wedding” *big hopeful smile*

Well, sure, Kim would probably call security, but I think this might just be feasible in the real world. It would help if the girl was really hot too. FRIEND is used to make connections.

Scenario 2: Batman and Joker came from the same school. One day there was a test. Batman, being the brainy nerd did not have a problem at all. Joker however, forgot and was out picking up girls the night before having the time of his life. Hence he said to Batman “Pass me your answer sheet”. Batman refused and Joker said with a tinge of disappointment in his tone, “But I thought we were friends…”

I suppose Joker failed because Batman refused anyway so now they’re enemies. But my point here, is that FRIEND is constantly used to manipulate through creating feelings of guilt.

Scenario 3: Girlfriend plays with boyfriend’s laptop and suddenly sees that boyfriend has been joining social networks, adding random hot girls and suggesting they make a beach trips and build sandcastles together. Girlfriend flips, and loses her temper at boyfriend. Boyfriend replies “I was just socializing and making friends. Nothing will happen, we’re friends”.

Well even a monkey would know what boyfriend was thinking in his head. But somehow, categorising something/someone as FRIEND makes boyfriend think whatever he did is justified. Plus, FRIEND may potentially save boyfriend’s ass. FRIEND ONLY MAH.

Scenario 4: Girl and boy started out as friends. But eventually girl starts having funny feelings for boy. Girl constantly thinks of boy, girl constantly wants to talk to boy, girl is stalking boy. Girl feels like she should not be in this situation. Maybe she should be focussing on her studies, career, etc., maybe she was not emotionally ready, or maybe boy was of a different race and religion. So girl shrugs the thought off, and continues being friends with boy, but still thinking about boy and stalking boy. But girl tells herself, “No sweat, just good friends”.

So here, people use FRIEND to live in denial, to continue being involved with someone they are romantically interested in, but in a FRIEND kind of way to be able to tell themselves (and everyone around them) that nothing is going on.

But to be fair, I think that being friends and being a little more than friends really is a thin line. And yes, I do notice that #3 and #4 is kind of the same, yet a little bit different. Owh well. *shrugs*

Anyway this is what friends do do together. Look up a random recipe and make cupcakes! Kai Liang and I finally made these after months of intending to.


These were supposed to be chocolate vanilla. The chocolate cake was good, but the vanilla buttercream simply would not hold. So we added lime and cream of tartar. It was slightly better, but still runny. In the end I dunked in peanut butter. Well I wouldn’t say it was awesome but at least it was spreadable.

Lessons learnt: 1. Never add in half a cup of milk to butter to make buttercream. It.WILL.be.watery. 2. Invest in cute paper cups. 3. Cupcakes are meant to be small and delicate, not gigantic muffin sized cakes with runny buttercream. Buy smaller cups. 4. ALWAYS cut down the sugar in angmoh recipes. ALWAYS.



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