10 September 2011


When your report is never-ending and your evaluation is a tad disappointing. When you realise you have been cooped up at home for two weeks without really achieving anything. When Friday and Monday make no difference anymore. When your dog is sick and you ache to see her ache. When you feel so empty yet forget to eat. When your brain is confused and your heart is stubborn.

Nah, you don’t sit around and drown in emo-ness for too long. Open up folders of old photos, or if you haven’t any, go stalk people with old photos on Facebook, and if you’re lucky you might just find something to make you smile.

I found these; The day Zh’s family visited KL, when my hair was still black and when my fringe was still short. Lol


This was in Mid Valley. The day both of us were supposed to tag along for Klang Bak Kut Teh, then go home to study for finals afterwards. But we ended up following the family shopping because we felt bad that they had to drive us all the way back to Cyberjaya.


And here’s another photo with Mister Lee. Genuine smiles like that come around friends like these.Good smiles come around when you’re actually happy inside.


We got hungry, so we ended up here. I was excited.

Pasta Zanmai my love, DID YOU HEAR MY PLEA? I’m graduating soon, come to Kuching with me, please? PLEASE????


The tamciak smile.


And this is Mister Lee’s dad. He is the coolest grandpa I have ever seen.


The food came. I definitely did not order this. Me no likey Unagi. I think this was Zh’s.


Here’s another bowl of awesomeness held by an awesome.


And this, ladies and gents, is my favourite ! I feel happy looking at this thing thinking about how happy I was.


Told you I was happy!


Maybe Suiee was considering licking it so I wouldn’t steal any from her.


We left Mid Valley and headed to Putrajaya. BTW this is the youngest daddy I’ve ever known and the coolest grandma I’ve ever seen.


One the right in white is the youngest mommy. She’s super sweet I tell you. And I feel very little in comparison. I guess it’s the mommy vibe, seeing her caring for her kid. I don’t even know how to carry a baby.


This is the most lovable kid I have ever met. He smiles ALL.DAY.LONG. Throughout the day the only time I remember him crying was when he wanted milk. He could be so tired, so sleepy, but the minute you call his name, he’ll smile, just to layan you. I don’t normally like kids. I tell people all the time, I would rather deal with dogs. But this kid, I LIKE !


See, it’s mutual. He likes me too! =D

Our last stop was the bridge. We stopped and took silly photos like these:


Owh this one isn’t stupid. This is Mister Lee’s baby sister, super manja, in a good way.


Now, for the photos…


It was a long day. I think we got back past 1am. Just shopping, eating and sight-seeing. It definitely is a memory I would cherish, especially at times like these. Tamciak-ness can lead to good things after all. It was supposed to be a morning of Bak Kut Teh, but it ended up as a whole day’s fun.

Goodnight =)

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