23 November 2010

Pasta Zanmai: Love declaration & plea

Dear Pasta Zanmai, hello. I am sure you are not aware of my existence. I however have been introduced to you by rather inconsiderate friends (which I am grateful to). These are the people responsible for my 4am cravings for you.

All of a sudden I am dreading the thought that one day I will return to my hometown where you do not exist and will never meet you again, because you see, all we have is this sorry shop who passes sushi on conveyor belts and claim themselves the ‘King’ of it. *grins*

You see, dear Pasta Zanmai, I have had a phobia for Japanese food ever since my encounter with Dengue. It was not the Dengue; it was the generous portion of unagi i fed myself with right before Dengue struck me. For the entire day, I had tasted unagi in my mouth, burped unagi and vomited unagi. I refused to touch it with a ten-foot pole ever since. I distanced myself from Japanese food, for almost two years, that is, until I met YOU.

Although I am still rather reluctant to touch anything fishy, ie: Raw salmon, Salmon, Unagi (gasp! runs opposite direction), I consider it a gigantic step to have actually stepped into an outlet selling Japanese food, and later eating Japanese food, despite the slight hint of fish smell in there, and then craving for it at 4am in the morning. What charm have cast on me?

You relieved me off my sesame ice cream curiosity and you filled that void in me that was longing for green tea. I still remember the crunch of that pizza with oysters and the aroma of simple curry with rice. Those mini sets were incredibly awesome. And it was after my encounter with some other Japanese food outlet that rhymes with sakae, I discovered my love for you that has in fact always been there but never discovered.

So dearest Pasta Zanmai, could I have touched your heart enough for you to open up an outlet in Kuching by the time I return? I am sure there would be many Jepun-neesy people there who would contribute to a profit, because all we have there is the husband of the queen sushi and a few tiny, independent shops. I am sure Jepun-neesy people would love you, because you have managed to make even me, a not very Japanese-culture-inspired person love you. Thank you very much.


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