21 November 2010

The Wall Street Event and a cold joke

The Wall Street Event will be taking place tomorrow. The team spent almost 5 hours prepping the Multipurpose Hall, stacking, arranging, clearing and cleaning. Today was tiring, but I cannot help feeling somehow touched by the amount of cooperation that every member present contributed. Also, through the tables crashing down on and possibly bruising my legs (yay i have an excuse to wear pantyhose) and the disturbing sound of chairs as they were dragged through the hall, I noticed that hey, Cyberjaya Accounting Club does have a number of awesome gentlemen around. There is hope for mankind!

I personally feel that my contribution to the event is minor. Hardly any, to be exact. Aside from the few pointless speeches. This event has however taught me lots more. It made me see how important it is to have a motivated, understanding leader who tries his best to take everybody’s welfare into consideration. It is things like these who touch people’s hearts and make them want to work harder. It taught me that as a team, we ought to have everyone’s backs and that it’s ALWAYS about the solution, not the problem. It taught me the importance of leaders looking out for the people under them, rather than turn them in. Last but not least, I got a scary glimpse of the corporate world.

Well, there’s still tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after to continue learning and seeing and experiencing. Hopefully i can cope, as midterms are coming in, and so are assignments. I really do not want another experience with the kind of results that previously hit me. It was a hard blow. The past few days of studying, well, TRYING to study Company Law has been excruciating. It seems i had just found the perfect antidote for insomnia – Corporate Law!

However, today, something made my day. Let me put it this way.

Mood swings and emoness: weight gain (because i slept all the time and skipped running sessions)

Physical wear-out: RM2 – a bottle of A&W rootbeer to quench thirst and reward my effort.

A forwarded joke from my father, whom I feel so much closer to lately: PRICELESS.

*smiles from the inside*

This was a forwarded mail from mom to the both of us explaining the meaning of “Alfresco”. She likes forwarding mails.

> Olive
> Where shall we eat after the show ?
> Sean
> What about that restaurant down by the river ?
> Olive
> Do you mean the one with peacocks running around the garden ?
> Sean
> That's the one. It's very traditional and I just love the atmosphere.
> Olive
> And it's such a warm and pleasant evening that we'll be able to dine alfresco
> on the riverside terrace.
> Sean
> Yes, that would be lovely. And with the sky so clear we'll be dining by
> moonlight. How romantic !

Explanation :
> Alfresco - An alfresco activity, especially a meal, is one that takes place
> in the open air.

And THIS, is what dad replied:

At the open Kuching Open-Air market (KongSiBoi) we have rats (no peacock)
  The birds are all hanging upside down.(waiting to be cooked)
  Assorted fishes (shells and sotong too) all swimming in ice.(cold water
  Plants standing in rows (waiting to be cooked too)
  And there is also a river flowing near by.
  Sometimes the moon also shines but most of the time we have street lights.
  Now I know why Lynda liked to go there.
> What do they called it?
  Maybe can start a Alfred Store to provide alfresco at KongSiBoi.

Now i shall go study law =D =D =D =D =D

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estelle said...

not to forget the body ache we're having now.

Thanks for always letting me to complain. I know I did that alot lately. ='( I am aunty wannabe.