13 November 2010

The Sixth Sense

Sometimes the sixth sense is a scary thing. It is scariest when it has a tendency to be accurate. I am not too sure which is worse, to be friends with someone who has good sixth sense and risk being all figured out, or to have the spot on sixth sense yourself.

Females tend to be better at things like these, they say. I have been told by a few that mine is pretty sharp.
So what happens when someone you’ve known your whole life to be someone suddenly becomes someone you do not really know and did not expect would exist although your sixth sense warned you of the possibility of it happening, but you chose to shrug of the warning, because you thought your sixth sense was just well, something screwing with you mind.

What happens when you start to find that the things you feel are becoming more and more accurate, but there is a chip somewhere in a block of something and it cannot be put back again. What if the chip HAS already been put back but the sixth sense warning sirens are ringing ever so loudly and flashing red lights, again, and telling you to wake up?

The dilemma of those blessed with this gift, is whether to believe it, because it had been right so many times, or whether to shrug it off again and defend the brain from the insanity threatening to consume it by not thinking so much, yet risk falling flat on the face all over again from naivety.

Yes, I babble

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