16 November 2010

Happy (belated) Birthday KY!

I was going to write about the awesome friends I have here, but lets not declare anything, because heck, I still want to keep these friends and it is taboo to declare anything before anything because fate likes to play “NAH! In your face!” with people and prove otherwise, and cause you to ‘bin chee chee’ and swallow every word you have just spat out.

SO, we shall fast forward to a birthday celebration. Suiee’s sister celebrated her 19th birthday two nights ago. I’ve never seen the birthday girl so feminine – she was sweet as ever in a dress, and her boy reminds me of the guy who acted beside my Jung Ji Hoon in A Love To Kill. =P


I hope she has all the fun being 19 =)

That day I pried myself out of my nest and decided to tag along and park my bottom comfortably into Suiee’s car for the celebrating. Beforehand, Suiee made the cake while i supervised as i witnessed sisterly love happening before my eyes. She beat the eggs, and mixed the chocolate, and arranged marshmallows and cracked brains together with Zihan over where to take the birthday girl. Best of all, she did all the dishes =P

We ended up in Sakae Sushi, and ate Sushi King-like food, which was actually a rather refreshing and eye opening experience, and later Gasoline at the Ampang look out point. It was then then I realised my love for Pasta Zanmai, thanks to Zihan, in terms of Japanese Food, and my frustration and discontentment over Gasoline Cafe (am i able to write about this? is someone going to sue me? aku takut).

Somewhere along the way too, KY’s friends car kind of uhm, broke down? They found the problem to be with the erm…”minyak pelincir”. I just cant seem to generate its English name now. We waited by the roadside for all the required ‘procedures’ in order to get the car runing again. I however feel that it is experiences like these that make events so much more special. Something unexpected, but yet there you are, with your whole bunch of friends by you. Plus now, I can proudly declare that i know what minyak pelincir is used for, and where to actually put it in, and that its original colour is not black despite its name in chinese.

Towards to end of this post, I realise, WHOA, I am actually writing about an outing, instead of quirky things that are coming from the corners of my bored brain =)




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