08 July 2011

The Bintulu Journals: 1st July

Today was the most hectic of all the days, and no, this is not lunch time. Today is stock take day. It is 30 minutes to midnight and I am here writing after a good dose of shower, dinner, Milo, and biscuits. And not forgetting Chor Dai Di which my colleagues taught me yesterday =D

Today was a hot, sticky, dirty day. Trampled in black muddy puddles of oil, glue, soil and wood scraps and in my Adidas, because old Nike could not come as his soles were dangling and threatening to fall off. It broke my heart to see the white on Adidas turn into shades of black :(

We went to eat foochow noodles, with big ass prawns. Only halfway though did I start thinking of the things people told me “the cost of living in Bintulu is high”, “eating out in Bintulu is EXPENSIVE”.


I then starred at the gigantic prawn in my bowl of Foochow Noodles and thought “CRAP I ONLY BROUGHT RM13 WITH ME”. The person who took us out paid eventually but I felt super duper bad about it.

In 24 hours I will be back home and sitting in my own bed. Hence, a few more pictures to wrap up the Bintulu trip.

This was last night’s dinner.


Cucumbers, greens, pork and prawns. And that bowl at the back is filled with awesome sea cucumber soup.


Vendors along the road


My pisang goreng stall


Banana fritter; simple, sinful, yumminess.


The Boys


The Girls

The afternoon before we left, we were brought to this place for rojak. I thought ‘rojak ‘meant eating at coffee shops or hawker stalls. That made me feel better after the RM20 noodle experience. Instead, we were brought to Riverside Cafe, a hotel restaurant. *holds breath*

The rojak was indeed a bit different. Saltier and more watery than usual. Less sweet, and we were given a bowl of pound peanuts to sprinkle as we pleased.


We ordered this too. The called it sago. We call it ABC Cendol Special – because it had everything.


Well it had everything except sugar. The sugar syrup came in a cute little er… syrup holder?


Then we left for the airport and watched an entire Saw 4 movie as we shrieked and covered our eyes.

And that wraps up Bintulu. =)

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