04 July 2011

The Bintulu Journals: 30th June

Lunch is over. I am done with the first episode of my Taiwanese drama and I am now writing because we’ve worked ahead of time. Awesomeness.

Yesterday evening we went for a jog, my colleague and I. It ends up that the place is not THAT big after all. Running one around around Jalan Song’s Friendship Park takes longer. I ended up running up and down the slope as there were dogs further into the housing area and my colleague was afraid. Prevention is better than cure huh?

The jog was followed by dinner and this is what we had.


Really, the food was pretty good and it looks a lot nicer than this. We had clams, eggplant, curry chicken, seaweed soup and cabbage. Dom says I suck at taking pictures. I think this is proof =S

Anyway, this was followed by an Orange, which I irresponsibly cut on a plate like I always did back in uni, until the kakak came and said “jangan potong atas pinggan, nanti scratch” *SHY MAX*

Nights were drama time with the colleague. It was this Taiwanese series that Kelyn gave me, about this happy family who was broken up by this girl. It included a lot of me yelling ‘fucker go die’ and her throwing blankets on the laptop and banging the mattress.

Why men like damsel in distress-weak, innocent looking, constantly crying, but hiaw bitches har? takes two hands to clap.

Day three and no spiders yet. Bintulu has been kind to me. Looking forward to pisang goreng this evening and outdoor audit work tomorrow! =)

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