04 July 2011

The Bintulu Journals: 29th June

Lunch time again. Today we had fried fish, cucumber and Japanese tofu for lunch.

The staff living quarters was not too bad. It was even quite beautiful, with houses built in an enclosed area. There was no kitchen, but there was a separate unit where a kakak was there to cook breakfast and dinners for staffs. There was even a basketball court next to it. And from what I saw yesterday evening after work, it would be perfect for a jog too!

Outside the quarters, vendors drove to the area to set up stalls. Fear not for forgetting your body bath or shampoos, the sell those. I being tam chiak, bought pisang goreng after dinner. *I promise to run today if it doesn’t rain* SIX pieces of banana fritters for RM1 ! There goes my hopes of losing weight eh?

The only problem I had would be the spiders. Those big, black, fast and immortal ones who would never die no matter how much Ridsect you spray. Apparently they are many creeping around, says my colleague. And well, my second problem would be the toilet (where the spiders usually linger) which isn’t the cleanest toilet I’ve seen, and the mattress that flattens out you can feel the steel rods of the bed frame beneath you. But I guess I can live with that for another 3 to 4 days.

Currently enjoying the short break away responsibilities, away from home, away from Kuching, away from complaints and naggings and stubborn people, away from the cold house and away from the stress it brings. Maybe by Saturday night I’ll miss home enough to want to go back. Then Kuching will look all bright and sparkly once again =)

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